Summer 2014

Eight interns from four UCSD divisions (Global Health minor, Global TIES, the Human Rights minor and the Sixth College Practicum) participated in the first Blum Summer Field Intenship, which was piloted in 2014.



Jessica Guerrero | Human Rights

Jessica is currently pursuing a degree in international studies with a primary track of sociology, and focusing in the region of Latin America. She also minors in Spanish Literature. In her future, she looks forward to working with non- profit organizations that aim to serve underrepresented communities internationally and domestically. In previous years, she has participated with the Foundation for International Medical Relief for Children, where she was able to go to an orphanage in Tijuana and learn about the type of aid that is needed. She also gives back to her community of Sylmar, where she tries to persuade and give tours of UCSD to high school students to take interest in pursuing higher education. She has also volunteered in various settings with children who are from low-income backgrounds that need help with their academics.

Andy Hwang | Global TIES

Andy is a third year mechanical engineering major with a minor in environmental studies. Originally from Cerritos in Southern California, he was happy to discover his passions of sustainability and community service through his time at UCSD. During his free time, Andy likes to run and hike outside in nature. Due to his experience in the Blum Summer Field Internship, Andy considers environmental fluid dynamics and international outreach as possible career ventures. He can be contacted at andycshwang AT

Harrison Kamiya | Global TIES

Harrison is a 5th year student at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) who has always strived to make a difference in his community locally and beyond. From his commitment to diversity as a director at an educational access and retention center (SPACES) to his work with students through peer counseling and tutoring, Harrison is passionate about all aspects of his life. Having the opportunity to work with a range of people including mentoring high school students, supporting LGBTQ residents, and collaborating with professors, has made appreciate the personal component of passion and work. Even reflecting his academic focus of chemical engineering and business, he has participated in various technical projects with non-profit organizations and participated in several conferences. Currently, through UCSD's Engineers for a Sustainable World, he is leading an international project bringing engineering innovation and ideas to Nkambe, Cameroon in Africa.

Angela Tomlinson | 6th College

Angela is a senior at University of California, San Diego. She is a pre-med student and is currently double majoring in Sociology of Science and Medicine and Human Development. She is from the Bay Area, but San Diego has been her home for 10 years. She has a strong relationship with the San Diego community and acted as a Group Leader for the Boys and Girls Club for 4 years. During this time she was able to gain a close connection to the community as well as gain deeper understanding in the injustices faced in different regions. She strives to work with children in low income communities and becoming a bilingual Child Psychiatrist. Angela is a very active member in the UCSD community. She is currently an Orientation Leader and Senator for Sixth College, member of UCSDisney, and is on various committees. During her spare time she volunteers at the UCSD hospital and works for UCSD Psychiatry at the HIV Neurobehavioral Research Center as a Research Assistant. She recently received a Resolution Fellowship through the Clinton Global Initiative for her project, Proyecto S.U.A.V.E., which will be implemented through the Blum Cross-Border Initiative.

Arlene Ngor | 6th College

Arlene is a fourth year student at the University of California, San Diego, studying Human Biology and Cognitive Science, with a pre-health interest. She can be found as an active student leader within the UCSD Sixth College community, as a Resident Assistant and CAT Writing Studio Tutor. She is also interested into public health and social work, which aligns greatly with the BLUM Summer Fieldwork Internship in being able to examine issues of health, illness and well-being, environmental and urban challenges, engineering and technical problems, human rights and social justice, and the role of arts and culture in under served communities. From this internship experience, she was able to really challenge herself in understanding how her own individual actions and behaviors in collaboration with others, such as simply gaining more knowledge and spreading awareness, can provide a positive change within and for the San Diego-Tijuana area as well as other communities.

Lilia Stone | Human Rights

Lilia is a senior undergraduate at UCSD pursuing a Bachelors in International Studies with a focus on Political Science and Latin America. She is passionate about learning about international issues, especially those that deal with education, defense and diplomacy, as well as infrastructure, and their impact on global politics. She has lived on both sides of the border, Sonora, Mexico, as well as Chula Vista, so the prospect of identifying the key issues affecting people on both sides of the U.S/Mexican border with this project seemed to her invaluable. This past year she interned with a California State Senator, where she was able to sample the legislative process in the state, attend events on behalf of the Senator, while also assisting constituents to resolve problems they may have. She currently intern with City Council for the City of San Diego and gets to witness how local government functions within the state. As a secretariat member for Model United Nations at UCSD, she is actively involved in planning events for the club, as well as facilitating training sessions and attending conferences. Aside from academics, she enjoys spending her free time training for half-marathons, backpacking, and going dancing. She loves learning about different cultures and languages, so she is currently in the pursuit of mastering French.

Robert She | Global Health

Robert studies Biochemistry and Cell Biology along with minors in Philosophy and Global Health at UC San Diego. He is interested in both the molecular basis of medicine as well as the larger issues of the healthcare system and global health. He believes that both scientific acumen and humanitarian awareness are necessary in furthering the current state of medicine. The Blum Cross-Borders Initiative also stresses this necessity for interdisciplinary work in the process of tackling large social issues, which immediately stood out to Robert. During his time at the Blum Initiative, he focused on analyzing public health risks and their preventive measures, as well as investigating the distinction between how health care is provided and how it is actually received. Outside of his involvement with the Blum Initiative, Robert is a research intern at the Scripps Research Institute researching genomic instability. He also takes part in several smaller public service projects that targets various demographics in need of help. This includes year-round programs that aid the homeless and his peers who are afflicted with disabilities, as well as outreach projects to orphans in Thailand and to rural Kenya.

Christian Saavedra | Global Health

Christian is currently a senior at UCSD. His major and course of study concentrates around Physiology and Neuroscience with a minor in Global Health. He is pursuing a career in the medical field as a cardiologist. Through being active in international internships and volunteering opportunities, he is strongly encouraged and inspired to perform health practices in communities that lack accessibility to healthcare in the future

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