Summer 2015

Fourteen interns from seven UCSD divisions (Global TIES, an engineering major; the Global Health major; the Human Rights minor; the Sixth College practicum; the Public Service minor, based in Thurgood Marshall College; Partners at Learning, an Educational Studies major; and the Urban Studies and Planning major) participated in the 2015 Blum Summer Field Internship.



Thomas Chang | 6th College

An aspiring designer, Thomas wants to help build stuff that matters. He believes this is best accomplished through understanding culture, context, and behavior.  He works to bring this thinking to campus through the multidisciplinary pre-professional org Design.UCSD. On weekend mornings you'll find him paddling down at Mission Bay with the UCSD Dragon Boat Team.

Monique Grimaldi | Global TIES

Monique Grimaldi is graduating with a degree in environmental engineering and a minor in urban studies and planning. During her time at UCSD, Monique has been heavily involved in the Alternative Breaks service club, the Global TIES program, and the women's rugby club. She held the position of team captain of the women's rugby club and is currently a student coordinator for Alternative Breaks. Monique is currently applying to the Peace Corps and looks forward to a career that makes the world healthier and more sustainable.

Eavan Liang | 6th College

Eavan is a third year history major with a minor in education studies. Aspiring to one day become a history teacher, Eavan can nowadays be found soaking up knowledge and experience at a local San Diego elementary and secondary school where he serves as a tutor. This interest and devotion to working with students of all ages coincided greatly with the BLUM Internship's involvement at the EarthLab community station. As a member of the EarthLab team, Eavan worked closely and frequently with 3rd graders at the outdoor learning center. This resulted in a unique learning experience for both the students and for Eavan. He also credits the internship for broadening his knowledge on the Diamond District and the Southeastern San Diego community as a whole, specifically their struggling education system and food situation. With this in mind, he takes great pride in doing what he could to help remedy those predicaments.

Nashaya Ross | Public Service

Nashaya Ross is a 2nd year psychology student who is planning to double major in Urban Studies and Planning. Working with people is her passion, and she decided to become a Senior Orientation leader for Muir College, a position which allows her to introduce incoming students to the college. She would eventually like to become a licensed psychologist, who utilizes knowledge from different disciplinary backgrounds to gain a better view of the world where her clients come from.

Ginger Stout | Urban Studies and Planning

Ginger Stout is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies and Planning, with an emphasis in environmental planning. Ginger has a lifelong love of nature and the outdoors, and wants to create human spaces that are built in harmony with the surrounding natural environment, so they can be enjoyed by future generations. The Blum internship solidified the importance of community involvement in planning processes. Ginger worked teaching grade school children about their own neighborhoods’ watershed and native species, and how their actions can have positive or negative impacts on the environment. The efficient use of land and natural resources is of utmost importance to her, and she intends to find fulfilling work attempting to reverse the environmental degradation that has happened due to sprawl over the last century.




Lynhea Anicete | Global Health

Lynhea Anicete majors in Biochemistry with a Focus in Cell Biology and Global Health. She believes that Global Health provides human insight into the health of a community, because, they are more than cells and chemistry. She strives to become a medical doctor, more specifically a Family Care Physician, in order to improve the health of communities she's called home. She is interested in the way politics, housing, and environment affect the health of a community. When she's not studying, reading, bowling, watching movies, cooking, eating, or playing badminton, you can find her leading a student organization called Flying Samaritans at UCSD which provides free healthcare to the underserved community of Chapultepec, Ensenada, in BCN Mexico. Additionally, she volunteers for Palomar Medical Center through the Pathmaker Internship. Finally, she is thankful that this internship gave her the opportunity to collaborate with students and administrators of different majors, experiences, and backgrounds.

Ariel Jacome-López | Urban Studies and Planning

Ariel Jacome-López is a fifth-year undergraduate student at UC San Diego, double-majoring in Sociocultural Anthropology and Urban Studies and Planning. He is currently employed as a writing tutor and facilitator for OASIS Student Support Services Program and the Language and Writing Program at UCSD. He holds leadership positions in both the MOVES Commission of AS UCSD and the Student Sustainability Collective. He is highly interested in topics of environmental justice, and as a result, was more than excited to participate in the Blum Summer Field Internship Program hosted by the UCSD Center on Global Justice. After graduation, he hopes to work with organizations committed to sustainable development, social equity, and advocacy.

Esther Lee | Human Rights

Esther is a senior at UC San Diego pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Studies with a focus on Political Science. She is also minoring in Human Rights, and learned about the BLUM internship through one of her human rights courses. In the course of the internship, she examined the human rights issues in connection with a broader spectrum of political, social, and environmental issues in San Diego –Tijuana border communities. She is interested in working in the non-governmental organizations. Currently, she is volunteering at the Preuss School and at Education Corps as a tutor, helping students who are from low-income families.

Eddie Luchembe | 6th College


Vincent Pham | Partners at Learning

Vincent Pham is a fourth year Political Science major with an Education Studies minor at the University of California, San Diego. Vincent's goal for his post-graduate career is to pursue a Masters in Education and earn his teaching credential and begin teaching in underserved communities afterwards. Ultimately, Vincent would like to work in education administration after several years in the classroom and help shape education to what is best for the local community he ends up teaching in. Aside from his pursuits in the field of education, Vincent is currently the editor-in-chief at UCSD's student newspaper, the Guardian. Vincent also dabbles in videography, helping produce videos for a local non-profit, the Department of Education Studies at UCSD and, of course, for his own YouTube channel. Linkedin:

Nesreen Shatila | Human Rights

Nesreen Shatila is currently a third year student at the University of California, San Diego. She is pursuing a bachelors in Public Health with a double minor in Human Rights and Ethnic Studies. Nesreen is involved many activist settings on campus, such as Students for Justice in Palestine. She has a passion for standing up for injustices, whether it be on campus or globally. She is specializing in Health Policy and hopes to be part of health reform for immigrant and refugee health. Being first generation American and having family who are currently Syrian refugees, Nesreen hopes to make changes in health for those who have left their own country for a better future.  During her time at the Blum Cross-Borders Initiative, Nesreen learned how the border affects the health and daily lives of people living on both sides of the border, and how health policy can improve their health. Blum Cross-Borders Initiative is necessary to learn how different disciplines can contribute and make change to the same cause. Using the skills and knowledge she learned as an intern, she hopes to make a change in the current health care system for communities of color.

Roxanne Suarez | 6th College

Roxanne Suarez recently graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in Anthropology and a minor in Science, Technology and Society studies. After transferring to UCSD, she developed a strong interest in Science studies, the value of applied research and the importance of environmental issues. She applied for the BLUM internship in order to explore interdisciplinary methods of addressing environmental challenges and to explore creative methods of environmental science education. She currently works at a San Diego non-profit organization connecting county residents with local resources. She also practices freelance photography, seeking to incorporate her academic interests into her art.

She is in the process of applying to graduate programs in public policy, with the ultimate goal of being a teacher. 

Ian Tran | Public Service

A scholar, an aspiring musical artist, and a dedicated lover of classics, Ian is currently a senior at the University of California, San Diego where he is majoring in Political Science/Public Policy as well as minoring in Business and Music. Born in the vast green plains of Calgary, Alberta in Canada but raised in San Diego for most of his life, Ian has developed a close relationship with the local community from serving Burmese Refugee families in City Heights on Saturday mornings to spending time with the homeless in the city. Recognizing that having perspective on a whole range of issues is essential to understanding more clearly the scope of social injustice inherent in the world, let alone local regions, Ian joined a strategy consulting as well as a beverage design/drink experience firm before becoming a field intern for the Blum Initiative. During this time, he learned the value of business and its incredible potential in bringing people from all different walks of life to one table. Ian hopes to become an attorney one day, in the realm of public interest. But for now, he is hard at work building his personal and academic foundation as he strives to develop meaningful relationships with folks within and beyond the San Diego community in pursuit of strengthening his heart for social justice.

Karla S. Verdesoto | Global Health


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