Blum Federation Internship

for undergraduates across the UC


Generous funding from the University of California Office of the President to the UC Blum Federation enabled us to open our Blum Summer Field Internship to undergraduate students across the UC system.

We provide a $3,000 stipend to each successful applicant, and provide housing for the duration of the internship. This program was piloted in Summer 2016, with four interns participating from UC Berkeley, UC Merced, UC Santa Cruz and UC Irvine.


Lupe Galindo | Political Science (UC Irvine)

Lupe Galindo is a 4th year political science student at UC Irvine. She was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. Her parents are originally from Mexico, specifically, Durango and Jalisco, which fall in the northern / central regions of the country. She is the third child of four.

In her spare time she enjoy going on long runs and hikes, getting some hits at the batting cage, and reading. She is also an adventure seeker and enjoys meeting new people and learning about different cultures.

Alvaro Montano | Management in Business Economics (UC Merced)

Alvaro Montano is a UC Merced Student, majoring in Management in Business Economics (MBE). He was born in San Diego and raised in Tijuana, and, given this opportunity to commute through the border region, he was exposed to economic disparities from a young age. He participated in a series of missionaries trips to inland Baja, and Jalisco and had an opportunity to travel the middle east in high school. This were eye opening experiences that had a great impact on his character and perception.
He’s also a Yosemite enthusiast, and was part of the UCM Outdoor Experience Program where he participated in a series of adventures, which included backpacking, snowboarding and surfing. He enjoys photography, traveling, and trying to develop apps.

Jose Saucedo | Anthropology (UCSC)

Jose Saucedo is currently a 4th year undergraduate student at UC Santa Cruz majoring in Anthropology. He is also part of the Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program where he serves as the Social Justice & Community Cocurricular Programs Intern at UC Santa Cruz. His interests lay on education around social justice issues and ways to create social change. During BSFI 2016, Jose was part of the Earthlab Cohort where he got the opportunity to work with children, practice ethnographic research, and help educate. He believes that the BSFI internship helped him bridge his major as a discipline and connect it to the real world.

Alesa Zhang | Economics (UC Berkeley)

Alesa Zhang (whose Chinese name is Jing Zhang) plans to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics this coming December. She is passionate about working to remediate inequality, and, in her degree program, has dedicated time to courses that relate to the subject of development. To pursue her interest in development economics, she is minoring in Global Poverty and Practice, at the Blum Center at UC Berkeley. She’d very proud of her minor, and feels that it has given her the most inspiring, encouraging and transformative experience in university, making her a better person who cares about this world and wants to make it a better place.
She plans to pursue a Masters degree in Public Policy or Ph.D in Economics two years after graduation. After finishing her undergraduate degree, she’d like to work for a non-profit or research institute to get real-world experience toward defining the questions that would guide her future studies. Besides academics, she loves nature and enjoys hiking in her spare time.