Blum Summer Field Internship | 2016

In the third year of the BLUM Field Summer Internship Program (2016) twenty-six students from 11 UCSD majors, minors and programs – plus 4 interns from across the University of California -- participated in a two month paid internship in the three Community Stations sites.

Interns of the team based in Laureles Canyon visit the Mecalux factory, in Otay Modulos, where they learn about the modular constructions that the company develops.

For the first meeting of the 2016 program, all three teams convene at the studio space, in the Structural and Materials Engineering Building, room 402.

Interns of the team based in the community of San Ysidro work with Girl Scout Troop #5912 to build a series of garden boxes, which were installed in the patio of the SY Community Center on W. Park Ave.


BSFI | 2016