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June 19, 2015 | Survey Says San Diegans, Tijuanans Want More Cross-Border Collaboration
An article published in KPBS

A recent survey found support for increased collaboration between San Diego and Tijuana on issues such as immigration, public safety and the environment.
The Bi-National Citizenship Culture Survey found that 70 percent of respondents on both sides of the border believe the two cities should increase collaboration.
“We’re ripe for a new era of collaboration between these two cities,” said Fonna Forman, co-director of the UC San Diego-Blum Cross Border Initiative that helped conduct the survey.
Forman and Teddy Cruz, the initiative’s other co-director, plan to discuss the results of the survey at a San Diego Foundation event on Friday evening that is part of its Future40 series.
Experts on both sides of the border are analyzing the results of the survey, which interviewed hundreds of Tijuana and San Diego residents, to zoom in on five issues for cross-border collaboration.
By the fall, they plan to form a bi-national council to pioneer that collaboration among nonprofits, businesses, governments and communities in Tijuana and San Diego.
“There’s a lack of coordination between these two cities whose destinies are intertwined,” Cruz said.
Respondents on both sides of the border expressed interest in collaborating on health, disaster preparedness and poverty alleviation. But they were more interested in working together on issues such as immigration, public safety and the environment.
The survey was designed to identify shared values and interests in the region. It measured levels of trust in public institutions as well as trust among citizens in both San Diego and Tijuana.
About 70 percent of San Diego respondents said Mexicans were trustworthy. Only 48 percent of Tijuana respondents felt Americans could be trusted, but the percentage was higher than the trust they placed in people in general. That number was 47 percent.
“Demographics in San Diego are shifting dramatically,” Forman said. “And the capacity and desire to collaborate with our neighbors across the border is something that’s latent but not fully understood. And the survey is a way to actually bring these tendencies out into the open.”
The UC San Diego professors worked on the survey with former Bogota mayor Antanas Mockus, who re-invented that Colombian city at a time when it was plagued by violence, using tools such as the citizenship survey.

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Proyecto S.U.A.V.E. (Sustainable Unity And Vegetation Empowerment)
An article about BLUM`s interns in THE RESOLUTION

The three founders of Proyecto S.U.A.V.E. are working to empower women in the community of Los Laureles Canyon in Tijuana, Mexico and educate families about healthy food choices and exercise routines through the implementation of a sustainable community garden. In conjunction with the community, the team will build a garden and irrigation system to be managed by women who have been released from employment at the local factory. The garden will provide these women with the opportunity to provide healthy food for their families, which can now only be reached by long and costly rides on an infrequent bus. The gardening activities will be supplemented by cooking classes and education on healthy foods and lifestyles. In addition to economic empowerment for these women, a main goal of S.U.A.V.E is to mitigate the incidence of preventable diseases, such as obesity and diabetes, that occur in the region — which is classified as a food dessert.

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